The research group “Tumor Stroma Interactions” was created in July 2015 as part of the Laboratory of Experimental Cancer Research within the Department of Oncology.

Hematologic malignancies are the primary focus of our research, combining both fundamental and translational  research in order to understand the complexity of the tumor microenvironment and develop new innovative therapeutic strategies.

The TSI group comprises 10 members originating from several countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and Italy), including 2 scientists, 1 research engineer, 1 post-doctoral scientist, 3 PhD students, and 3 Master students.




Etienne Moussay, PhD

Group leader

Jérôme Paggetti, PhD

Group leader

Sandrine Pierson, MSc

Research Engineer

Anne Largeot, PhD

Post-doctoral researcher

Marina Wierz, MSc

PhD student

Ernesto Gargiulo, MSc

PhD student