On May 14th 2019, researchers from the Greater Region from Homburg (Germany), Liège (Belgium), Nancy (France), and Luxembourg met in Homburg for the 1st Meeting of the Research Network on Translational Lymphoma Research.

Organized in the frame of the University of the Great Region, this 1st meeting took place in Homburg, gathered more than 50 participants who shared results and experience in lymphoma and leukemia research (see picture below). Both translational anc clinical studies were presented with a main goal to foster cooperations in the Greater Region to advance science of lymphoma for the benefit of patients.

For its inugural meeting, the network invited Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Martin-Leo Hansmann from the Reference- and Consultation Center of Lymph Node and Lymphoma Pathology Frankfurt/Main who gave an inspirational talk about 3D/4D lymph node imaging (https://www.lymphknotendiagnostik.de/en/ag-hansmann/).

Dr Martina Seiffert (DKFZ) also shared recent data on chronic lymphocytic leukemia immunobiology and the new development of immunotherapy (https://www.dkfz.de/en/genetics/pages/projects/CLL/CLL-en.html).

For the TSI group, PhD candidates Marina Wierz, Ernesto Gargiulo, Giulia Pagano and Master student Susanne Gonder presented their respective research projects.

Collaborations will be initiated as soon as local, regional, and national funding opportunities for cooperation projects are identified.

The meeting will be held annually, in alternance at one of the partner from the Greater Region.





Research Network of the Greater Region

Research Network of the Greater Region