Plooschter Projet

The non-profit association Plooschter Projet supports a research project from the TSI group that aims to characterize the identity and features of immune cells from the tumour microenvironment.

15th International CLL Workshop

In April 2019, Dr Jérome Paggetti, TSI group leader at LIH’s Department of Oncology, was invited to give a presentation at the 15th International workshop on CLL in Salzburg (Fuschl am See, Austria).

ESH Workshop on Tumor Microenvironment

In February 2019, members of the TSI group presented their work at the 3rd Scientific Workshop entitled The Haematological Tumour Microenvironment and its Therapeutic Targeting.

Leg Kanning prize

In January 2019, Dr Jérome Paggetti, group leader at LIH’s Department of Oncology, received the Legs Kanning Prize from the association Action Lions Vaincre le Cancer.

FNR Award 2016

FNR Award for Outstanding Scientific Publication 2016